Our Values

TBC North Cairns


We believe that the local church is God’s primary means of spreading the kingdom of His Son Jesus throughout the world. We also believe that the Bible clearly sets forth what the church is and what it should be like. We believe the following six value statements capture the key points of what we are all about at TBC North. These six values are our “DNA.”

We value God.

Since the Triune God of the Bible created us and rescued us from our sins for His glory, our highest goal is to love, worship, trust and obey Him.

We value the Bible.

Since the Bible is God’s Word, is able to be understood, and is sufficient for knowing God and following His will; we will endeavour to preach and teach the Bible and hold ourselves accountable to the Bible as our ultimate authority for faith and practice.

We value the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since the good news of the Person and saving work of Jesus Christ is the central message of the Bible, we will endeavour to focus on following Christ as our crucified Saviour, risen Lord and coming King.

We value loving community.

Since the church is the body of Christ, we will prioritise spiritual relationships characterised by love, unity, fellowship, service and mutual accountability in order to build up the body.

We value spiritual transformation.

Since the purpose of the gospel of Christ is to transform sinners into followers of Jesus, our goal is for unbelievers to trust in Christ and for believers to grow in Christlikeness by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We value gospel mission.

Since Christ commissioned His church to preach the gospel to the world, we will endeavour to make disciples of Christ in our local community and we will support efforts to spread the message of Christ to the world for the glory of God.